Monday, 26 August 2013


You know what? Instead of packing, organising my life and sorting myself out, I'm going to have a bath, rename my blog and watch about 5 episodes of 90210. Rock and roll lifestyle.


  1. Oh god, I've read most of your entries this morning and I totally didn't expect this twist: you're going to France? OMG! I'm from Barcelona and I'm working as an au pair in Germany. I've been here for a week only and I'm supposed to stay here for a year (I hope I can last that long...fingers crossed!). I completely understood your homesickness and the feeling of wanting to be abroad and, at the same time, staying home. You're so brave for going to France, seriously. I hope everything turns out ok there! Where in France will you be staying?
    I hope you keep updating this blog. Kisses!

  2. I've only just seen this! My France trip didn't work out at all (total disaster!) so now I'm back in the UK. I'm writing this from my new blog, so check that out too.. :) How's the au pairing going? Hope it's going better than it did for me! x

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